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At Capital One, every voice is heard and every voice matters. We each come to the table with a unique point of view shaped by our life experience, culture, and passion. We believe that to reimagine money—to infuse simplicity, ingenuity, and humanity into banking—we must harness the power of our collective wisdom. Only then can we truly bring our best for our customers and each other.

X Jen


Machine Learning Engineer

What do you enjoy about being an Engineer? What I enjoy most about being an engineer is that I get to make things faster and better. The world creates more and more data every day and I try to find the meaningful patterns and relationships in between the crushing volume of data.

What do you enjoy about working at Capital One? I enjoy working at Capital One because I get to research and implement experimental machine learning algorithms. I did not think that I would have the intellectual freedom to pursue such interests at a bank, but Capital One has always presented me with all of the materials, resources, and support that I need to succeed.

X Nicole


Software Engineer

What do you enjoy about being an Engineer? Problem solving! I love coming to work each day knowing I will be faced with a new set of problems to dive into. The work that Capital One is doing is always changing and always in need of new solutions which keeps each day interesting and engaging. Capital One is truly a technology company that values the work of their engineers as well as always requiring new and innovative minds to progress the way we work and bank.

What do you enjoy about working at Capital One? The people and the work. The combination of these two things is what makes going to work for Capital One every day so enjoyable. As a new engineer in the tech industry it is vital to my career progression and development to absorb the knowledge and experiences of those around me. The people I work with on a daily basis act as mentors and colleagues to me which has helped me grow as a software engineer.

X Briana


Software Engineer

What do you enjoy about being an Engineer? I LOVE solving problems! There’s nothing more exciting than a new challenge, thinking through multiple solutions, and then actually bringing a solution to life with the code that I write. I also love the change. Every day I get to work on or learn something new. I get to stay engaged and challenge myself daily. My day is never boring!

What do you enjoy about working at Capital One? Capital One became the place where I felt like I belonged in this industry and was supported and encouraged to grow as a software engineer. I attribute that to the people I have had the opportunity to meet and our company culture that brings all these people together.

I also enjoy the opportunity to give back and fulfill my passion around helping others. From early childhood, my parents instilled in me the importance of giving back. I have experienced firsthand how the support early in my career helped me and I love that Capital One allows me to "leave the ladder down" and support others in a variety of ways.

X Catie


Machine Learning Engineer

What do you enjoy about being an Engineer? I like figuring out how things work. Being an engineer in the Center for Machine Learning has provided the opportunity to work on projects across lines of business here at Capital One. We are working to implement machine learning solutions everywhere from Cyber Security, to Legal and Finance to name a few.

What do you enjoy about working at Capital One? The thing I love most about working at Capital One is the people I get to work with every day. My coworkers are all inclusive and passionate about their work. I’m thankful to work on projects that I believe are meaningful and to do so in good company.

Who We Are

  • Jen

    JenMachine Learning Engineer

  • Nicole

    NicoleSoftware Engineer

  • Briana

    BrianaSoftware Engineer

  • Catie

    CatieMachine Learning Engineer

Where We Work

Our teams in D.C., Dallas, Chicago, New York City, Seattle, Richmond, and San Francisco are collaborating and innovating in unique spaces designed to spark creativity and boundless ideas.

Where we Work Where we Work Where we Work Where we Work Where we Work Where we Work

How we work

We're innovating to disrupt an industry, using modern technology to design experiences that empower our customers to manage their finances with simplicity, and live their best lives.

  • Reimagining Money

    Reimagining Money

    We’re obsessively focused on doing the right thing for our customers, our associates, and the world, because we believe we can truly change how it feels to interact with money.

  • Human-centered Design

    Human-centered Design

    Our customers are at the forefront of every product and experience we design. Using Big Data, we identify opportunities to simplify and enhance our customers’ relationship with their money.

  • Relentless Innovation

    Relentless Innovation

    We’re using cutting-edge technology, like cloud computing, RESTful APIs, and machine learning, to drive rapid innovation and real-time delivery, so that we’re able to meet our customers’ needs faster and better.

What We Do

Our ideas aren’t just theoretical. We’re delivering big projects that are making a real impact on people’s everyday lives.

  • Alexa


    We’re driving innovation that speaks volumes, as the first company to give customers the ability to interact with their financial accounts through Alexa-enabled devices.

  • Eno logo


    The first natural language SMS chatbot from a U.S. bank. The gender-neutral bot embodies Capital One’s commitment to innovations that make interacting with your accounts truly effortless.

  • DX logo


    Our ground-breaking platform puts powerful new APIs and open source software into the hands of external developers and business partners.


  • Technology Development Program

    In the full-time Technology Development Program, you'll develop world-class technical skills and gain a comprehensive understanding of technology -- from application and data development to cyber security and beyond. You'll have the freedom to try different roles within this 2-year program. Sounds awesome, right?

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  • Design Development Program

    As part of our Design Development Program, you'll identify opportunities for change, advocate for the needs of our customers, and lead design from empathy to iteration to deliver human-centered solutions. Are you the kind of designer who leads by doing? Find out how far your talent and drive will take you here.

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  • Internships

    Looking for a summer internship between your junior and senior year? Our interns are involved in some of the company's most critical business decisions, and they work with the best and brightest in our collaborative, team-oriented environment. As a valued member of the team, you'll interact with business leaders while delivering results in a real-world setting. And you can expect an unparalleled experience developing the job skills needed for success.

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  • Professional Careers

    Not a current student? Head over to our professional careers page to learn more about how we are shaking up an industry that's ripe for change. We're looking for inventive, passionate individuals who have a desire to make an impact.

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