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Full-Time Programs

The Human Resources Rotation Program (HRRP) is a two year program designed to cultivate strategic and proactive leaders. Training will be built into your experience, with topics ranging from emotional intelligence to data visualization. You’ll be mentored by your peers and teammates, and a dedicated senior leader will guide your professional development along the way. In addition, you’ll have the freedom to explore different areas and get exposure to the business through two hand-picked rotations with high-performing teams.

  • Learning and Development

    Two rotations over 2 years with high-performing teams. Rotations generally including roles in Talent Acquisition, People Analytics or Compensation, and an HR business partner or HR specialist role.

  • Training and Mentorship

    Job specific and leadership training through the program’s duration. Strategic projects and access to senior HR & business leaders. Dedicated Developmental Advisor through all 2 rotations.

  • Culture

    Cohort-based program. Social activities and events in local areas. Community outreach.

Associate Spotlights

  • Santiago



    “The amount of blind trust that they placed in me was surprising, especially coming right out of college.”

  • Adedolapo



    “Capital One feels like a big start-up. It’s a place where you can push and be heard.”

  • Teresa



    “I wanted to work somewhere I could pursue my passions — I just never thought it could be a bank.”

  • Liam



    “At Capital One, you’re coming in trying to drive your future. HRRP has helped me do that.”